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About the Bank

The Scottish National Investment Bank (the Bank) is a development investment bank, established and funded by Scottish Ministers on behalf of the people of Scotland. The Bank has been established to operate commercially, and is operationally independent from government.

What the Bank does

The Bank invests in Scottish business, projects and communities to deliver environmental, social and financial returns for the people of Scotland.

Investments in debt and equity are made on commercial terms based on the needs of individual projects or businesses. The Bank seeks to invest widely and diversely, and approaches every opportunity on an individual basis, so that the financing offered is tailored to the needs of the individual business or project seeking support.

The Bank invests in businesses based in Scotland, projects based in Scotland, or businesses seeking to move to Scotland.  Typically the Bank will invest in businesses and projects seeking more than £1m in investment support (debt or equity). 

All investments must deliver both commercial returns and mission impact returns that support at least one of the Bank's missions.

How are the missions set?

The missions are set by the Scottish Government. The missions are at the heart of everything that the Bank does.

The Bank's Missions

Performance and Impact

For more information on the Bank's performance and impact, visit our Publications page


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