The Scottish National Investment Bank has evolved into an ambitious, active impact investor, and has demonstrated how effective deployment of capital can deliver real change.

Annual Report and Accounts 2023

In a little over two years since it was established, the Bank has committed over £445 million of long-term strategic investment. A further £703 million has been attracted in from other sources, ensuring the Scottish economy has benefitted from well over £1.1 billion of support.

The Bank’s activity has spanned all its missions across a range of businesses and projects.  All investments must help achieve the missions of supporting Scotland’s transition to net zero, improving places and communities or harnessing innovation.

Over the last financial year the portfolio has expanded from 14 to 27 investments.

Companies and projects such as pureLiFi, Elasmogen, North Star Renewable and Orbex, have all been backed by the Bank, each of which delivered against one or more of the Bank’s missions.

Key statistics

infographic with key stats on mission led investing

"These results show strong progress for The Bank with revenue increasing 463% to £10.7 million over the past 12 months, while there was a 55.5% increase in Committed Investment of £220.7 million."
Al Denholm
CEO, Scottish National Investment Bank

Annual Results highlights

Annual Report 2023

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