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Executive Summary

This Business Plan sets out the ambitions, priorities and key activities that The Scottish National Bank will focus on, both for the year ahead and over a more strategic time horizon.

We are extremely ambitious for the impact we can make. We will develop insights into key markets and technologies, and these insights will enable us – and others – to invest ever increasingly wisely, which will result in positive impacts for Scotland’s communities, society, environment, and economy. Our role is to create insight, deliver investment and generate impact.

To achieve this change, we set out six strategic themes, which build on those we published in our Business Plan last year. They are:

Key priorities


For each of these areas we describe our ambition for what we want to achieve by 2030, how we are approaching this, and what outcomes we expect to see in the upcoming Financial Year 2023 / 2024. 

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Business Plan 2023/24

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