The Bank has clear and ambitious missions and the team have been working hard to build the foundations to deliver on these.  All investments must help deliver on our missions to support Scotland’s journey to net zero, improve places and communities or harness innovation and the Investment team are making many meaningful investments through both commercial and impact lenses.

Our insights and investments are already providing impacts not just at the level of individual businesses – important though that is – but are helping transform markets and communities in Scotland.

The Bank has stated its vision for investing not only the public capital we are allocated by the Scottish Government, but also attracting in third party capital and ultimately investing on behalf of others.

I have led institutional investment businesses in the past and so have experience of how challenging attracting this capital will be. That said, I see the Bank as having clear and compelling differentiation.

Positive benefits for Scotland

By having clear targets in place for the positive benefits to the environment and society we are seeking to make, we can prove to potential investors that not only do we have an established track record of providing commercial returns, but that these returns have come as a result of demonstrably changing Scotland for the better.

I find the clarity of purpose within the Bank extremely inspiring and believe that we can become one of the most respected impact investors in the industry, generating great social, environmental and economic returns for the people of Scotland.

Read our Annual Report and Accounts 22-23.

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